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Track your order from Checkout to Delivery

Wondering where your order is? Well, we are NOT Amazon, so we don't have a robot grabbing it off the shelf and a drone delivering it instantly. Every order is handled directly by multiple people on our team to ensure you receive the best quality custom decorated apparel exactly how you want it. There are a few steps along the way to ensure we do that, and we will keep you updated along the way.

Step 1: Your order is Received

Congratulations, you're only a few steps away from getting some awesome decorated apparel in your hands. After checkout, one of our team members will reach out to you via email and confirm your logo colors, logo placement, and desired decoration method. This person will be your dedicated account manager throughout the entire process and will be available to assist with your order in any way possible.

Step 2: We Create a Digital Proof of your logo

Our art team will create a digital mockup of your design on the garments you selected and email it to you for approval.

Step 3: You Approve Your Digital Proof

If the proof is exactly what you had in mind, we will send it to production. If you would like to make a change or edit, we will work with you to get it just right. Remember to approve your proof in a timely manner to avoid any delays in production!

Step 4: Your Merch is Customized with Your Logo or Design

Here is where the magic happens! Everything is processed and in production get decorated with your custom design on the products you selected. 

Step 5: Your Order is Shipped to your Door

BOOM! Let's ship it! Most orders we ship, but we also have the option to pick up at our facility if you live near Dubuque, Iowa. Otherwise, plan on seeing an email with a tracking number to let you know your order is on the way.

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