Meet Our Team

1-800-Tshirts is family-owned and dedicated to providing high-quality apparel and products with exceptional customer service to our community and beyond.

Meet our Team

Get to know the faces behind our success, from visionary leaders to dedicated team members. Each profile tells a unique story of expertise, passion, and commitment to 1-800-TShirts.

Tom Rauen CEO
Joanne Rauen CEO/Account Executive
Lynette Montes HR / Accounting
Jon Denham Director of Sales
Tracy Donath Account Manager
Bryan Mours Senior Account Executive
Nikki Ruff Account Manager
Jeff Simon Account Manager
Kami Boffeli Account Manager
Bri Cleveland Graphic Designer
Alexandra Tomaskovic Graphic Designer

Want to join our team?

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Our Vision

The go-to destination for customized apparel and product needs.

Our commitment to building strong relationships with our customers and community through active involvement and giving back is a core value that we will continue to uphold. We strive to constantly evolve and improve, staying ahead of trends and technologies to provide an exceptional experience that exceeds our customers' expectations.

Our Mission

High quality, fast delivery times, and prices to fit all budgets.

At 1-800-Tshirts, you can trust that you'll find the products you are searching for to customize for your business, sports team or a family event, with personalized attention from our friendly staff.

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