1800Tshirts in the Press
Envision Tees: Growing E-Commerce in Leaps and Bounds

We’re moving into a new facility – 36,000 square feet, and we’re currently at 7000, so it’s a pretty big jump. We’ve been growing 20 to 30 percent every year since we started.

Guinness World Record 247 Tshirts CEO Tom Rauen breaks Guinness World Records for wearing the most t-shirts at once with 247 Tshirts.

Meet the Man Behind the Bobcat Strong Shirts

What started off as a small idea has grown into something much more.

When four fourteen year old boys died in an accident on August 2, the Western Dubuque Community was left to pick up the pieces..

Man Freezes T-shirt under 1 Minute

How cold is it outside? Well, by way of a visual, it’s so cold that a wet T-shirt will freeze completely solid in less than a minute...

Distributor Showrooms Done Right has created a sports-specific showroom that’s decorated with tons of memorabilia – all collected through working with major league sports teams and players. CEO Tom Rauen runs 50k for Charity

The cause is especially important to Rauen. Four years ago, his family seeked help from the Ronald McDonald House after their son, Thomas, was born prematurely.

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