Our Sustainability Plan

Allmade Organic Recycled Tshirt

ECO Friendly Brands

Green isn’t just a word or t-shirt color at 1-800TSHIRTS. We are committed to making a positive outlook on the environment and our future. We collectively as a team look at ways to reduce waste, re-use materials, and recycle. As responsible citizens, we are committed to helping to provide a sustainable business and products for future generations.

AllMade Apparel

Allmade is a great brand that offers recycled polyester content from recycled plastic bottles as well as organic cotton to give them a super soft hand feel as well as paying livable wages to their workers in Haiti helping to combat the cycle of poverty.

Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel offers USA Made options that contain recycled content, organic content, hemp, or bamboo. These products are environmentally friendly as well as very soft and comfortable to wear and made with the highest quality standards.

Royal Apparel Made in the USA Tshirts
Alternative Apparel Sustainable Custom Tshirts

Alternative Apparel uses organic cotton, recycled polyester, low impact dyes, and eco friendly packaging. This is a great retail brand with several style and fit options from tshirts to hooded sweatshirts.

Solar Powered

A big step in reducing our carbon footprint has been powering our production facility with Solar. 1-800-TSHIRTS partnered with Eagle Point Solar to help offset our electricity usage.

Royal Apparel Made in the USA Tshirts
Alternative Apparel Sustainable Custom Tshirts
Support the Trails

1-800-TSHIRTS and the Rauen Family Foundation have been committed to supporting conservation of trails and parks. 1-800-TSHIRTS co-founder Tom Rauen is an avid trail runner supporting ultra marathon events throughout the United States. Tom has participated in trail maintenance, fundraising, and collaborations with several State and National conservation groups.

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